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What we do


Standardized Legal Services

Microjustice organisation provide a standardized set of legal services making sustainable development becomes attainable. This target group is often omitted from, or incorrectly registered, in the civil registry, which prevents them from using public services such as social welfare and voting in elections.

We address issues such as

  • Providing Access to Identity documents
  • Land registration
  • Inheritance procedures
  • Registration of businesses and cooperatives
Canva - Woman and Her Baby

SEED – (Socio- Economic Empowerment and Development)

People are enabled to participate in society, invest in housing and land, gain access to microcredit and develop economic activities. Thanks to the services offered by MJK, low-income people can enjoy education, healthcare and receive a pension, among other benefits.

Social Contributions Include ;

  • Health Services.
  • Education
  • Youth & Women Empowerment
  • Economic Empowerment

We Encourage Participation

Microjustice welcomes partnerships through individual contributions in our projects, monetary support as we continue to assist the lives of the vulnerable in our society.

We have had Participants from various parts of the world such as the USA.